02 - Adopting a Life of Minimalism and Simple Living. The Perfect Partner to Financial Independence?

March 19, 2018

Is minimalism the ultimate side-kick to financial independence and retiring early? In our case it was the catalyst that helped Bethany get on this path to FI. This thought helped us evaluate what "things" actually brought us happiness. This meant for Charles having to overcome his impulse spending habits and for Bethany to tame her one-click Amazon shopping trigger finger.

We explore how value can be perceived differently between Men and Women. What we saw each other buying didn't always correlate to our own sense of value. We even go into how advertising of products is different based on gender and there is more of a pressure on women to buy certain products at a highly marked up price.

Differences also come up between Charles wanting to be frugal and buy those on sale Costco bulk items in large quantity to Bethany's minimalism and buying something only after it was gone. These differences in opinion require some give and take in our relationship and an acceptance that difference in thinking is okay and what balances us out.

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01 - Our 3 Roadblocks to Pursuing Financial Independence

March 19, 2018

We are starting off the season with our beginning. This is a look into how we discovered FI for Her and Him. What started as a way to try and save money by learning about travel hacking morphed into this complete lifestyle change into a pursuit to FI.

We had a rough start on this path as we had to overcome relationship hurdles first. We never really talked about finances together and my first attempt to bring it up didn't go so well.

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00 - One Couples Journey to Financial Independence

March 14, 2018

Welcome to HisandHerFI, a podcast by Charles and Bethany. What started with a discovery of financial independence and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) lead to a complete lifestyle change. 

This is a Money Podcast more about the Why, and less about the How. The emotions, memories and mindsets of individual money stories are what we hope to highlight on the show. Our own story and vulnerability took center stage in the first season. Season 2 is currently underway and we have been delighted to take a ‘behind the scenes’ interview approach focusing on the trials and transformations of men and women who live life a little bit differently. We are hoping to redefine couple money and speak to those that don't have a traditional relationship to encourage more people to pursue financial independence.

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