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15: Ms ZiYou | Feminism and Finances

15: Ms ZiYou | Feminism and Finances

September 4, 2018

Coming to us from the UK is feminist finance blogger Ms ZiYou. A world traveler that brings a world of wisdom and an array of varying perspectives. This is someone who actually takes the time to analyze her own actions and contemplates if they are contributing more to the problem or not. Something we all could be better at.

Listen and hear some truly great insights from Ms ZiYou.


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14: Kara Perez | Looking Outside Your Own Experience

14: Kara Perez | Looking Outside Your Own Experience

August 28, 2018

We are joined this episode by the CEO of Bravely, Kara Perez. We learn about Kara's background including how she paid off $25,000 in debt in 3.5 years while never making more than $32,000 a year.

We also explore how Bravely came to be and the motivation behind it and the importance of bringing diversity to the financial world especially in today's society and culture.

Most importantly, Kara reminded us to look outside our own experience as not everyone can relate to your story.


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13: Ty Roberts | Behind the Scenes with the Creator of Camp Fire Finance

13: Ty Roberts | Behind the Scenes with the Creator of Camp Fire Finance

August 21, 2018

Welcome back to season 2 of the His and Her FI Post Podcast. We are kicking off the season with Ty Roberts.

You may recognize the name as he is the owner and curator of Camp Fire Finance. A directory that features the best articles in the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) world.

We look at the origin story of Ty, how he got to where he is and the eventual start to his newest creation, Camp Fire Finance.


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His and Her FI Post Season 2 Returns August 21st 2018

His and Her FI Post Season 2 Returns August 21st 2018

July 31, 2018

We are back! After upgrading just about everything on the podcast we are ready to return with not just ourselves as usual, but with some amazing guests. That's right, we have changed up the format and as promised, will be interviewing others in the personal finance community.

This won't be like other interviews, we want to learn about the person, their story, and the defining moments in their lives so we all benefit. Practical tips have their place, but without a story, the meaning can lose its value.

Stay tuned for August 21st for the official launch of season 2. See you there!

12: Changing Daily Habits for More Time and Money

12: Changing Daily Habits for More Time and Money

May 21, 2018

We are wrapping up season 1 with a collection of the habits we have changed this past year. As a result of these changed habits, you guessed it, we gained more freedom, time, and money.

We are taking a quick break between seasons and will announce a date in the future for season 2!

We cover a lot in this episode. We have been making little changes here and there. Looking back our whole lives have changed. In a kind of strange turn of events it has become harder to relate to people in person because our daily activities are so different now. We have gotten so wrapped up in the FI community that what seems "normal" online isn't quite the case offline.

Regardless, we wouldn't have it any other way and it gives us a reason to meet new people in a local FI meetup. Back to the show, there is a wide range of topics. We start with our morning routines. Turning your mornings into productive, high performing machines of routine to get shit done! This means getting up earlier but there are alarm clocks that make it easier.

Speaking of mornings, we do need our coffee. We have changed from expensive Nespresso pods to our very own espresso machine. Fresh roasted coffee in the morning that tastes better than Starbucks? Cheaper than Nespresso? Yes it's real and we have done it.

While still hanging out in the kitchen, we have switched our entire grocery shopping to bulk. This means Costco for us. With only 2 people in the house we still are able to get through all the produce. If it is going bad for you before you can eat it...then I hate to say it but you probably need to be eating more produce anyway. This was true for us, before it would go bad, now we are eating more veggies and fruits. Win-win? Shopping in bulk also makes it a nice way to have leftovers for lunch the next day.

With food intake, there is the other side of working it off! HerFI and HisFI have different exercise routines with their own benefits and disadvantages. HisFI makes his commute fun by biking while HerFI still goes to the gym with friends.

When time was more idle, we had the habit of shopping. This was a hard habit to kick and for HerFI it required a shopping ban. HisFI inadvertently shopped less when he filled his time with more productive things. It also helped we were both trying to save more money in the pursuit of FIRE.

This made it easier for both of us to change our dating habits (with each other). No more was the dinner and a movie date. Instead was activities like hiking or even cooking dinner together for an at home date night. We were spending less while gaining an ever stronger relationship.

Speaking of saving money we both automated our finances. Talk about less stress! Might as well throw this habit change in with relationship building. It took the unknown out of our money and only requires us to check our money maybe 10 minutes a month.

The biggest change and most beneficial to us was the least expected. You'll have to listen to find out...hehe!

Lastly, we talk about an idea that was the basis to this episode. An idea of resistance that is the invisible force that prevents people from making the changes they need. It was an idea we learned from the book called The War of Art. It was a quick read(listen for us) but packed in such an important revelation that it changed our very perspective on our daily actions.

11: Is Google Really Giving you the Answers you Need?

11: Is Google Really Giving you the Answers you Need?

May 14, 2018

We are in an age of unparalleled Googling. Google is becoming the collective consciousness of the world and critical thinking is dropping off by the wayside. Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you rely on the answers to your search results? Well we did just that in this week's episode.

We are encapsulated in a highly curated world of content just for us. This means we see only the information we want, or do we? I recently became frustrated with seeing the same information over and over. Yes, I did a google search on it once, no I don't want to see it for the rest of my internet existence.

These information bubbles limit our thinking and limit our perspective. There is a Facebook group for everyone and everything now. I think this is personally great, you can find like-minded individuals in random niches that you thought you were alone in. There is a downside though, as your ideas never get challenged and you become limited in other ways of thinking. This isn't great for self-development and creates hostile environments when groups of people have different beliefs. This is easily seen in our current political system.

Why do we google in the first place? For an answer? What if we want a different answer? This may require asking the same question in different ways. Different keywords can lead to different results. Are we satisfied with the first answer we get or should we be looking for a diverse range of answers? Have you ever considered how much money you make determines what you google?

We go through this exact question as well, looking back at our own search histories when we were in different stages of our lives and finances. We also re-evaluate how we use google today. Where we rely less on the immediate answers and look for the long-form answer that a simple article may not be able to answer anymore.

We challenge you to think about what you are Googling and to look for you answers in a different way, even ask for answers in a different way. This can change the very trajectory of your life.

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10: Why These Two Millennial’s Aren’t Married Yet and Don’t Want Kids

10: Why These Two Millennial’s Aren’t Married Yet and Don’t Want Kids

May 7, 2018

What does marriage mean to you? Depending on who you ask, in what society, in what culture, in what place you ask the answer will most likely be different. For most, the first concepts, ideas, and notions of marriage you get are from your parents. Oversimplifying things a bit, you could say if your parents had a good marriage, then you would be more inclined to get married. Parents had a bad marriage? Well the opposite would be more true.

Bethany and Charles didn't see great marriages growing up. While the above mentioned generalization was true for HisFI. HerFI still wanted marriage. Is it a boy vs girl thing? Man vs woman? Probably not. Only a reflection of our societies ideas embedded in our lives. HerFI was raised in an environment that heavily promoted marriage for young girls, quite possibly even a requirement.

It's against all habits to challenge our childhood beliefs. What you see is what is true. believing is seeing. It's only when you are introduced to the world, meet people with different beliefs, do those childhood understandings begin to change.

Meeting somebody and starting a relationship with them changes the entire recipe though. Now you have to incorporate another human mind into the decision-making. One that will never always agree to everything. For us, we met while being younger. We didn't have careers, no college degrees. We were nurturing this relationship while trying to finish college.

These can be obstacles to marriage, busyness is the greatest excuse to delaying something. The longer we were together the more our internal beliefs of marriage peeped their heads. Communication is key, we weren't great at communicating. When you don't express something through words, you end up finding other ways to share it.

This created some tumultuous times, but luckily we had the busyness to fall back on. The interesting thing about delaying marriage is there is so much self-development that happens in people's 20's that the very idea of marriage changes in your mind.

Join us today, as some late 20 something millennial's with some self-development under their belts, share what marriage means to them and what they think of it now. Hit that play button and find out why we haven't gotten married yet, even after 6 years.

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09: Top 10 Cheap Travel Tips to Feed Your Wanderlust on a Budget

09: Top 10 Cheap Travel Tips to Feed Your Wanderlust on a Budget

April 30, 2018

Travel feeds our souls. We make it a priority to go on a big trip every summer. Last year we spent 2 weeks in Ireland touring the whole country. This summer we are going to Peru for 2 weeks to see Macchu Picchu, the Amazon jungle, and some good eats in Lima.

Sprinkled in-between these big trips we try to take advantage of any other travel we can squeeze in. While they may not be big international trips, they still feed our wanderlust. With all this travel we still want to save money, so we are sharing some of our best tips on traveling on a budget. To find the show notes for the episode please visit hisandherfipost.com/09

08: Expectations of Society and the Labels we Apply to Ourselves and Others

08: Expectations of Society and the Labels we Apply to Ourselves and Others

April 23, 2018

What is your role in life? We all want to play a role in this play we call life. The stage has been set and all that's left is to say our lines and perform as instructed. Society expects something from us, people expect things from us, family expects things from us. No, it doesn't necessarily come from a bad place. It's simply the understanding that we grew up with.

We are sold the idea that we need to go along with social norms and be an "upstanding" citizen and if you want to be unique, well, you better pay for it! We are marketed and advertised at in every waking moment. At least we still have sleep right? We try to identify with labels, the easiest being our careers. We relate to one-another with these labels, it makes social interactions that much easier. "Hello, my name is Charles. I am an Engineer. Oh, you are an Engineer too?" Well now we have something to talk about.

Labels by themselves aren't necessarily bad. It's only if we give them power over us that we thereby limit our possibilities. "I am an introvert, therefore I am unable to do a podcast." WRONG! We need awareness of the labels we attach to ourselves and our assumptions of them. This gives you back the power, the control, the freedom.

Join us as Bethany and Charles express their thoughts on some of the expectation of society. 40 hour work week much? Also we share the labels we identify with and for fun, apply labels to each other since our perceived labels may differ from what other's label us as.

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07: Personal Growth and the Upper Limits to Success

07: Personal Growth and the Upper Limits to Success

April 16, 2018

We have had to overcome a lot of personal limits to begin this personal growth journey. Financial Independence was one of the catalysts that made us start thinking differently and choosing to live a life by our own design. We have had some personal growth wins already and it always feels good to know you are making positive steps in the right direction. That doesn't mean there weren't challenges along the way. There are 4 upper limits that The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks talks about that you need to address in order to truly be successful.

  1. Fundamentally flawed
  2. Disloyalty and abandonment
  3. More success makes you a bigger burden
  4. The crime of outshining

Listen as we go through each limit and share our own experiences to how they have stunted our growth and held back our own success. You can find the shownotes for this episode at hisandherfipost.com/07

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