08: Expectations of Society and the Labels we Apply to Ourselves and Others

April 23, 2018

What is your role in life? We all want to play a role in this play we call life. The stage has been set and all that's left is to say our lines and perform as instructed. Society expects something from us, people expect things from us, family expects things from us. No, it doesn't necessarily come from a bad place. It's simply the understanding that we grew up with.

We are sold the idea that we need to go along with social norms and be an "upstanding" citizen and if you want to be unique, well, you better pay for it! We are marketed and advertised at in every waking moment. At least we still have sleep right? We try to identify with labels, the easiest being our careers. We relate to one-another with these labels, it makes social interactions that much easier. "Hello, my name is Charles. I am an Engineer. Oh, you are an Engineer too?" Well now we have something to talk about.

Labels by themselves aren't necessarily bad. It's only if we give them power over us that we thereby limit our possibilities. "I am an introvert, therefore I am unable to do a podcast." WRONG! We need awareness of the labels we attach to ourselves and our assumptions of them. This gives you back the power, the control, the freedom.

Join us as Bethany and Charles express their thoughts on some of the expectation of society. 40 hour work week much? Also we share the labels we identify with and for fun, apply labels to each other since our perceived labels may differ from what other's label us as.

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07: Personal Growth and the Upper Limits to Success

April 16, 2018

We have had to overcome a lot of personal limits to begin this personal growth journey. Financial Independence was one of the catalysts that made us start thinking differently and choosing to live a life by our own design. We have had some personal growth wins already and it always feels good to know you are making positive steps in the right direction. That doesn't mean there weren't challenges along the way. There are 4 upper limits that The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks talks about that you need to address in order to truly be successful.

  1. Fundamentally flawed
  2. Disloyalty and abandonment
  3. More success makes you a bigger burden
  4. The crime of outshining

Listen as we go through each limit and share our own experiences to how they have stunted our growth and held back our own success. You can find the shownotes for this episode at hisandherfi.com/07


06: Should you Combine Finances in a Relationship? An Honest Talk

April 9, 2018

The money talk every couple needs to have. Should you combine finances in a relationship when previously you have kept everything seperate? What if one of the partners has a large amount of debt? What if one person makes more than the other? These are the very same questions we talk about in this episode. What makes matters worse is each of our own ingrained ideas about money growing up and how that upbringing has caused some emotional money issues. Join us for this raw and vulnerable conversation and what our own conclusions are with these barriers in place. As always you can find the shownotes with all the referenced links we mention in the show at https://www.hisandherfi.com/06


05 - Overcoming Death with Michelle. Does Money Really Matter?

April 3, 2018

What does quality of life mean to you? Income, job, commute, happiness, pets, people, love? What if you had to restart your life over?

These questions are exactly what our first guest on the show had to answer. Michelle is currently a therapist in our local community, spends her weekends volunteering at a dog shelter, remains active in Donate Life Northwest, and most importantly is Charles's beloved sister.

Michelle was struck by a sudden illness that almost took her away from us and her loved ones when she was only 28. Today, we share one of our families biggest scares and dig deep into what is actually important in life.

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04 - What it Actually Takes to Achieve your Goals. Staying Productive and Accountable.

March 27, 2018

Setting a goal is easy, actually putting in the work to achieve that goal? A whole different story. This episode almost didn't happen because we waited until a Sunday night to record and weren't feeling very motivated. Nevertheless we persisted and it gave us even more motivation to talk about today's episode.

What does balance look like for us creating a blog and podcast while still working our jobs and living life? We share some of our strategies into how we stay productive and some of our struggles. 

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03 - Are College Degrees Really Needed for your Career? Arguments of a Teacher and Engineer.

March 19, 2018

This is a continuation of a talk we had with friends at the dinner table. The question was, do you think college is needed to do your job? I won't give our answers here, you'll have to listen to find out! I'll give you some hints though.

We go through our personal backgrounds with Charles having a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Bethany with her Masters in Art and Teaching. With a large difference in our degrees we naturally have differing opinions on the topic. We go deeper still and talk about the cost of student loans and the effect it can have on college graduates.

Mentioning student loans, we both had different financing for college and different levels of financial aid. With such a heavy cost to education these days it's even more important to look at what your future might look like and potential income ability. This is hard enough for grown adults to figure out let alone students getting ready to graduate high school.

Even with the potential hurdles of going to college in this day and age, we are both proponents of lifelong learning. Learning and school might look different in the near future but get a fresh take from two people who recently graduated in the last 2-3 years.

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02 - Adopting a Life of Minimalism and Simple Living. The Perfect Partner to Financial Independence?

March 19, 2018

Is minimalism the ultimate side-kick to financial independence and retiring early? In our case it was the catalyst that helped Bethany get on this path to FI. This thought helped us evaluate what "things" actually brought us happiness. This meant for Charles having to overcome his impulse spending habits and for Bethany to tame her one-click Amazon shopping trigger finger.

We explore how value can be perceived differently between Men and Women. What we saw each other buying didn't always correlate to our own sense of value. We even go into how advertising of products is different based on gender and there is more of a pressure on women to buy certain products at a highly marked up price.

Differences also come up between Charles wanting to be frugal and buy those on sale Costco bulk items in large quantity to Bethany's minimalism and buying something only after it was gone. These differences in opinion require some give and take in our relationship and an acceptance that difference in thinking is okay and what balances us out.

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01 - Our 3 Roadblocks to Pursuing Financial Independence

March 19, 2018

We are starting off the season with our beginning. This is a look into how we discovered FI for Her and Him. What started as a way to try and save money by learning about travel hacking morphed into this complete lifestyle change into a pursuit to FI.

We had a rough start on this path as we had to overcome relationship hurdles first. We never really talked about finances together and my first attempt to bring it up didn't go so well.

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00 - One Couples Journey to Financial Independence

March 14, 2018

Welcome to HisandHerFI, a podcast by Charles and Bethany. We are two Pacific Northwest natives who live life a little bit differently. What started with a discovery of financial independence and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) lead to a complete lifestyle change. We get into deep conversations ranging from is college still worth the cost to can money really bring you happiness. Our talks are sometimes hard and most importantly real, we aren't afraid to share our struggles and fights as we don't always agree. Grab your seats by subscribing now and join us March 20th for our official release of the HisandHerFI podcast. 

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