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24: Julien & Kiersten | Money Layers in Society and Relationships

November 6, 2018

Kiersten and Julien from Rich and Regular join us for our last interview in season 2. You may have seen them in the trailer for the upcoming documentary Playing With FIRE. We couldn't have asked for better guests to wrap up season 2, these two blew it out of the park.

We originally brought them on to talk about finances and relationships and they had amazing insights into that, but we ended up going so much deeper!

The best way to describe it is a multi faceted, layered talk about money, relationships, society, awareness, and the challenges African American's face, especially while striving for FIRE.

Bethany and I had our own reality checks during our own journey, yet the common advice out there doesn't always apply to everyone. It was an important reminder that we hope everyone takes to heart when listening.

If you are someone pursuing FI/RE, then this is a must listen. Without further ado we are happy to bring you two regular, yet rich people.

Shownotes can be found at hisandherfipost.com/24

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