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19: Zero | FIRE as a Necessity

October 2, 2018

Zero from Zero 2 FIRE comes on the show to tell her story. A powerful story at that, battling 3 grand mal seizures, brain surgery, and rheumatoid arthritis. Grit is a word I don't use lightly with her, she has had to face more challenges in her 20's than most of us will have to in our lives.

Zero overcame these challenges all while living in New York, saving $100k before she turned 30, and to top it off never making more than $60k a year.

This is a story of someone who may not be able to work into their 60's, making FIRE and early retirement not a nice to have, but a must have.

Please join us in listening to this amazing human being.


You can find the shownotes at hisandherfipost.com/19

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