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11: Is Google Really Giving you the Answers you Need?

May 14, 2018

We are in an age of unparalleled Googling. Google is becoming the collective consciousness of the world and critical thinking is dropping off by the wayside. Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you rely on the answers to your search results? Well we did just that in this week's episode.

We are encapsulated in a highly curated world of content just for us. This means we see only the information we want, or do we? I recently became frustrated with seeing the same information over and over. Yes, I did a google search on it once, no I don't want to see it for the rest of my internet existence.

These information bubbles limit our thinking and limit our perspective. There is a Facebook group for everyone and everything now. I think this is personally great, you can find like-minded individuals in random niches that you thought you were alone in. There is a downside though, as your ideas never get challenged and you become limited in other ways of thinking. This isn't great for self-development and creates hostile environments when groups of people have different beliefs. This is easily seen in our current political system.

Why do we google in the first place? For an answer? What if we want a different answer? This may require asking the same question in different ways. Different keywords can lead to different results. Are we satisfied with the first answer we get or should we be looking for a diverse range of answers? Have you ever considered how much money you make determines what you google?

We go through this exact question as well, looking back at our own search histories when we were in different stages of our lives and finances. We also re-evaluate how we use google today. Where we rely less on the immediate answers and look for the long-form answer that a simple article may not be able to answer anymore.

We challenge you to think about what you are Googling and to look for you answers in a different way, even ask for answers in a different way. This can change the very trajectory of your life.

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