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10: Why These Two Millennial’s Aren’t Married Yet and Don’t Want Kids

May 7, 2018

What does marriage mean to you? Depending on who you ask, in what society, in what culture, in what place you ask the answer will most likely be different. For most, the first concepts, ideas, and notions of marriage you get are from your parents. Oversimplifying things a bit, you could say if your parents had a good marriage, then you would be more inclined to get married. Parents had a bad marriage? Well the opposite would be more true.

Bethany and Charles didn't see great marriages growing up. While the above mentioned generalization was true for HisFI. HerFI still wanted marriage. Is it a boy vs girl thing? Man vs woman? Probably not. Only a reflection of our societies ideas embedded in our lives. HerFI was raised in an environment that heavily promoted marriage for young girls, quite possibly even a requirement.

It's against all habits to challenge our childhood beliefs. What you see is what is true. believing is seeing. It's only when you are introduced to the world, meet people with different beliefs, do those childhood understandings begin to change.

Meeting somebody and starting a relationship with them changes the entire recipe though. Now you have to incorporate another human mind into the decision-making. One that will never always agree to everything. For us, we met while being younger. We didn't have careers, no college degrees. We were nurturing this relationship while trying to finish college.

These can be obstacles to marriage, busyness is the greatest excuse to delaying something. The longer we were together the more our internal beliefs of marriage peeped their heads. Communication is key, we weren't great at communicating. When you don't express something through words, you end up finding other ways to share it.

This created some tumultuous times, but luckily we had the busyness to fall back on. The interesting thing about delaying marriage is there is so much self-development that happens in people's 20's that the very idea of marriage changes in your mind.

Join us today, as some late 20 something millennial's with some self-development under their belts, share what marriage means to them and what they think of it now. Hit that play button and find out why we haven't gotten married yet, even after 6 years.

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