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08: Expectations of Society and the Labels we Apply to Ourselves and Others

April 23, 2018

What is your role in life? We all want to play a role in this play we call life. The stage has been set and all that's left is to say our lines and perform as instructed. Society expects something from us, people expect things from us, family expects things from us. No, it doesn't necessarily come from a bad place. It's simply the understanding that we grew up with.

We are sold the idea that we need to go along with social norms and be an "upstanding" citizen and if you want to be unique, well, you better pay for it! We are marketed and advertised at in every waking moment. At least we still have sleep right? We try to identify with labels, the easiest being our careers. We relate to one-another with these labels, it makes social interactions that much easier. "Hello, my name is Charles. I am an Engineer. Oh, you are an Engineer too?" Well now we have something to talk about.

Labels by themselves aren't necessarily bad. It's only if we give them power over us that we thereby limit our possibilities. "I am an introvert, therefore I am unable to do a podcast." WRONG! We need awareness of the labels we attach to ourselves and our assumptions of them. This gives you back the power, the control, the freedom.

Join us as Bethany and Charles express their thoughts on some of the expectation of society. 40 hour work week much? Also we share the labels we identify with and for fun, apply labels to each other since our perceived labels may differ from what other's label us as.

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