His and Her FI Post

07: Personal Growth and the Upper Limits to Success

April 16, 2018

We have had to overcome a lot of personal limits to begin this personal growth journey. Financial Independence was one of the catalysts that made us start thinking differently and choosing to live a life by our own design. We have had some personal growth wins already and it always feels good to know you are making positive steps in the right direction. That doesn't mean there weren't challenges along the way. There are 4 upper limits that The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks talks about that you need to address in order to truly be successful.

  1. Fundamentally flawed
  2. Disloyalty and abandonment
  3. More success makes you a bigger burden
  4. The crime of outshining

Listen as we go through each limit and share our own experiences to how they have stunted our growth and held back our own success. You can find the shownotes for this episode at hisandherfipost.com/07

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